Women’s Circle + Cacao Ceremony

We meet in a weekly circle to connect, up-lift and support one another, through life’s continual shifts & changes. This is a space for radical honesty, vulnerability & celebration.

Together, we share a ceremonial dose of cacao (i.e. pure chocolate), our favourite taste of medicine that connects us to the heart space. We practice relational listening, holding space and being heard, in equal part. We enjoy expression through song; wisdom sharing, and relaxation through guided journey drum meditation.

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Retreat Ceremony

Interested in booking a cacao ceremony for your retreat? Let us know here


Private Ceremony

There can be many reasons for why you may want to receive and take part in a private ceremony. It may be simply to be heard and have a space to express yourself.

Our private ceremonies have included:

  • Finding Purpose & direction
  • Partnership Connection
  • Releasing Toxic Relationships – Cutting Cords
  • Conscious Conception
  • Conscious Abortion
  • Blessing Way – Birthing
  • Death Blessing
  • Rites of Passage (e.g. first menstruation)
  • Seasonal Shifts (Spring & Autumn Equinox, Summer & Winter Solstice)

This is our invitation for you to share space and never feel alone. Arrange a consultation in person or online via Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout. The cost of ceremony will be dependent on individual circumstances and needs.

To book and inquire contact us at sacredfemalespace [at] gmail.com or via our connect page.