Introductionary Immersion

Sacred Female Soul Journey Immersion

Our 6 Day Online Introductory Immersion is sent directly to your inbox for your personal self-discovery.

You will receive a rich depth of materials for 6 consecutive days. It is then your decision whether to immerse yourself each day, as they come, or take your time with the materials and focus on one direction per week, for 6 weeks. This journey requires space and time to fully receive all the teachings to carry you onwards. You will be able to return to the notes at any time.

The Sacred Female Soul Immersion serves as an initiation into our collective women’s wisdom traditions. A woman’s right of passage, following the path of the Medicine Woman, the Priestess, the Witch and the Shaman. A journey that allows us to find better connection to our feminine spirit, our innate wild nature, and provides us with a sense of community, wherever we may be.

Our aim is to find clarity and awareness of ourselves. To then build the tools to be our own teacher, healer and guide, as we move forward on our soul journey.

Throughout the year, we follow the path of the Medicine Wheel, a process of working with nature’s rhythms and cycles. A practice that is shared around the world, in Native American, Celtic/Pagan, African, Mayan and Incan traditions. During the 6 days we will travel the journey of the year and our life-span.

We offer personal exercises to strip back, refine and reveal our potential and to manifest our dreams. To bring magic to matter.

We aim to be guided by our creative curiosities, to continually face our fears, and stand in our truth – whatever that may be.

Outline of 6 days

-Day 1: Opening – here we set our intentions for our journey, for our personal growth, ideas and visions.

-Day 2: Eagle to the East – inspires us to expand our visions high and wide, to be open to all our potential.

-Day 3: Snake to the South – here we begin to move through our emotional layers, through release and transformation + connection to sacred sexuality, our personal creative power.

-Day 4: Jaguar to the West – we are called to face fears with grace and strength, to learn to stand in our truth and immerse in the practice of radical non-avoidance.

-Day 5: Hummingbird to the North – we connect to the path of the heart, that will ultimately guide us to our sweetest nectar.

-Day 6: Closing Celebration & Commitment Ceremony ~ a personal commitment to self to continue onwards, to manifest our wildest dreams and potential.



– Daily Focus, Mantra, Ceremony & Ritual

– A Daily Meditation to tune into our focus and theme

– Female Wisdom Teachings ~ ‘herstory’

– Mythology and Goddess Deity

– Animal Totems & Earth Wisdom

– Working with the Medicine Wheel & Learning how to move intelligently with the rhythm of life

– A chance to develop your own ideas or projects from intention to manifestation stage

– Personal practices and exercises that refine and reveal your purpose, tease out your passions, allow us to make friends with our shadow aspects, and formulate our individual action plan forwards.

– A personal (optional) Skype session for guidance and sharing of your ideas.


What you need:

  • A journal/ notebook
  • Sacred space & time each day (or week) to receive and integrate the teachings of the day

What you will receive:

  • Moon Cycle Calendar for 2016 – your personal, handy reference guide to stay in tune with the moon.
  • Guidance to formulate your personal Toolkit and Map to work with the shifts, changes and cycles of life. To return to at anytime- for new projects, ideas or teachings.
  • Opportunity to take part in our Sacred Female Soul School – year-long study option or monthly drop-in modules, opening with the Spring Equinox, March 2016 + invitation to take part in all live events in Costa Rica, Guatemala, North America & Europe (more details released soon)
  • For each referral of a friend, you will both receive a $20 gift off the Intro 6 Day and a continuing month module of your choosing.



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