We offer many forms of workshops and focus sessions that evolve and grow over time also. Here is a sample of our current offerings:

-Women’s Wisdom Series – Ways of the Witch, the Priestess & the Shaman, exploring ancient earth-based traditions to celebrate the feminine

-Moving with the Medicine Wheel – tuning into the cycles and rhythms of seasons, nature and our life.

-Soul Sleep / Dreamtime Exploring – sharing practices from Yoga Nidra, Tibetan Dreamtime Yoga, the Australian Dreamtime Myth, Shamanic Journeying & Lucid Dreamwork.

-Sacred Bee Wisdom – The Sacred Female Bee Connection

-Moon-time Mysteries & Rituals

-Womb Ceremony / Inner Child Connection + Healing

-‘When The Women Were Drummers’ – connecting to the earth beat and our internal rhythm

-Sacred Female Soul Yoga – Exploring our bodies through movement, dance, expression, mudra and meditation. Finding connection with the homes that we embody.

For more info, to arrange a workshop in your area or if you would like to co-create and collaborate with Sacred Female Space – contact us here



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