The Sacred Female Space Project

A women’s wisdom project, empowering female connection

Connection to:

one another
the natural world
the wilderness
the feminine spirit
traditions that honour women- the path of the witch, the shaman, the priestess
the masculine
our own culture and others, respecting all paths

Learning to:

be present in the moment
meditate with the senses
listen with intention
participate in life
celebrate as women
raise one another higher
become our own teacher, healer, life coach

Our Intention is to:

hold space for open conversation
integrate wisdom and practical guidance
incite radical self love
share teachings that empower confidence + passion for living
foster support, be co-creative, build community
share all of our Sacred Female Space events and offerings



Hannah Dyson - Sacred Female Space Maker

Creator of the Sacred Female Space project, Soul Seed Gathering festival, & ‘For Women Who Want To Change The World’  conscious creative, business & activism course.


Hannah began this journey in 2013, with burning questions such as: how we can change the world for the better, how to explore all this life has to offer & how to love every moment of the experience.

Sacred Female Space began initially as a personal exploration, and quickly became an all-consuming opportunity to ground, grow and blossom, with women from all around the world.


what is sacred in life, how to interact with it, and the relevance for our modern lives today. Inspired by travel, and the indigenous earth-based ways of life, nature has become the doorway into this deeper connection, with respect to all our relations.

what it is to be an embodied female, and how to claim yourself as a whole woman. SFS has become the vehicle for the research and understanding of our herstory (women’s side of history), early mythologies & folktales, and the female story – often sidelined and left out of the collective narrative.


has organically formed, by sharing and holding space. Including, a weekly women’s circle + cacao ceremony, workshops and monthly 6 day immersions. The intention is to hold deeper conversations, to celebrate life whenever possible, to share our journey as we experience it, & to ask the questions of our life, reality and dreams, to foster transformation.

SFS continually shapeshifts, and grows, as we do.

We are currently based on the South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, in Puerto Viejo. Here, online, and internationally, we offer women’s circles, workshops, talks, immersions, courses and festival gatherings.

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