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Welcome to Sacred Female Space, Home to Hannah Dyson
Hannah passionately began this work, as an investigation into our female past, and present-day world culture. Wanting to understand the weaving of our collective ancestries, and how this informs who we are today. Travelling to uncover the missing pieces of our story. This quickly became a full-time research project, shared in speaking events at festivals, retreats, workshops and trainings, around the world.


What is Sacred in life, and how we relate this to our modern lives today.

Engaging with ritual and ceremony.

Empowering our body, cycles, sexuality.

Birthing whatever we choose to create: baby, business, meaningful relationships.

Inspired by world culture, and an indigenous earth-based way of living.

Nature is our doorway into a deeper connection, with all things.


To celebrate all that is female, and has been unappreciated for too long.

We are building a SFS online library, to house the research and understanding of Mother Cultures, early mythologies & folktales, and earth-based spirituality. Evidence of which is often sidelined and left out of the collective narrative and education curriculums. This work empowers who we are today and who we are becoming.


has organically formed, by creating, sharing and holding space. Including, a women’s circle every week, for 5 years, and alongside cacao ceremonies for 3 years. Hannah will now be holding space for women & men, for every last circle in the month.

Our intention, is always to hold space for deeper conversations, to celebrate life whenever possible, to share our journey as we experience it, & to ask the questions of our life, reality and dreams, to foster transformation.

We are based on the South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, in Puerto Viejo. Here, online, and internationally, we offer circles, workshops, talks, immersions, courses and festival gatherings.


Hannah Dyson - Sacred Female Space Maker

Photography by Olivia Ashton


– Creator of Sacred Female Space, Soul Seed Gathering, & Women Change World


Raised in Wales wild swimming & climbing trees, Hannah began travelling at 18 and never stopped. Holding a degree in Business, at the London School of Economics, & work experience in international documentary, research and film production. Hannah integrates her experiences of creating, curating & launching independent businesses, events, festival line-ups and projects surrounding the empowerment, education and celebration of Women and the Earth. In most cases, her choices have been the opposite of what she was taught in university, and contrast from her more formal-work experiences. She believes passionately, in educating positive business practices, while living fulfilled, empowered and financially supported lives. Encouraging us all to be the change we wish to see, to spend our money in ways that enhance the planet, & to embody and speak our truth always.

Hannah lives in Puerto Viejo, with her soul-mate Kelly, son Cosmo, puppies Cleo & Harley and cats Sophie & Paco.


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